Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jamestown Memorial Fountain, 1891

Installed in September 1891 at the top of Main Street in memory of those who died in the April 19th 1890 Rockfall.  Manufactured in Cast Iron by Walter Macfarlane and Co at the Saracen Foundry in Glasgow.  This photograph looks like it was taken in the Grand Parade prior to final installation.  Reported to have been removed and dumped circa 1990.  For further details and photograph attribution see:

Main Street, Fountain and the Officers' Mess, now the Post Office

Memorial Fountain Main Street. 

The Bullock Cart was normal at the time, the first motor car, an Austin Seven, was imported only in 1929 by, according to Quentin Keynes, Mr. Solomon.
The two photoraphs above are from the 1903 English edition of Jackson, E. L. St Helena: The Historic Island, Ward, Lock & Co, London.  The 1905 US Edition can be downloaded at:

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